Coolpad Cool 3 Plus Review – Design, Display, Specs, And Software

Coolpad Cool 3 is a new device that launched in June this year. The smartphone sports a beautiful design and some high-end specs for its price range. In this article, we come up with a short Coolpad Cool 3 Plus review.

Coolpad Cool 3 Plus Review

Coolpad Cool 3 Plus – Design

The back of the device is fantastic with its glossy aspect and two-tone gradient design. The variant we are reviewing is the Ocean Blue one that features two shades of blue merging into Violet at the bottom of the handset. The built of the device seems solid and sturdy, having a compact form factor. When you press it, you hear no sound from the creaky parts. The buttons are just how they are supposed to be and compared to other phones, and it is comfortable to hold it.

Coolpad Cool 3 Plus – Display

The Coolpad Cool 3 Plus features an HD+ screen that measures 5.7 inches and might be considered small in comparison to other handsets. This phone is easy to use with one hand because all the corners of the 1520×720 screen can be reached by the thumb — bonus points for the single-hand use.

The display of the device is excellent, having attractive colors and offering the maximum brightness a phone at that price could. Sometimes when you use it for playing games, the colors might look washed out having excess white tints. Aside from those situations, when watching movies or videos, the colors are right, so we can’t name this an issue. The Coolpad Cool 3 Plus’s viewing angles are fantastic, and only when you tilt it on its sides, it loses a negligible amount of brightness.

Coolpad Cool 3 Plus – Software

The device runs on Coolpad’s own Cool UI on top of the Android 9.0. The interface of the handset is not heavy even though this is not the lightest of custom UIs. Compared with other device’s heavy skins, this phone looks similar to Android stock. The bloatware of Coolpad Cool 3 Plus is minimal, and you can uninstall the bundled apps that might bother you.

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