Fix Google Play Store Not Working With These Quick Methods

Most Android users have been faced with the issue of not being able to access the Google Play Store at one point or another. This could be in the form of an error message while downloading an app or just the store crashing with no warning.

There are many reasons for the Google Play Store is not working, but you will find many causes and fixes below.

Google Play Store Fix Methods

Identify the source

Knowing where the issue originates is half the battle. Go to Down Detector and see if the service is currently unavailable for lots of users. If so, then you need to equip yourself with patience.

Check your date and time settings

Google serves need to sync up with the time setting on your device. Toggle Automatic Date and Time in your settings or manually set the correct time in your area.

Check your internet connection

Issues can pop up unexpectedly on both WiFi and mobile data connections. You could be watching a movie and thinking that your connection is stable. Check it to be sure and switch from connection to the other if there is an issue.

Check Your Apps

One or more apps may be causing the Google Play Store to freeze. To stop this, go to settings – Apps – Select All – Force stop.

Update Google Play Store

Sometimes the automatic update does not kick in until after a few days following the release. This can cause issues to the functionality of the app. Manually install the store app with the use of an APK.

Reset your Google Account

Write down your login information then go to Settings – Accounts – Remove Account. Remove all the accounts on your device then add your account information again to perform a reset.

Check Disabled Apps

One app may need another to function correctly, so go the Account Manager or the Apps section in settings and re-enable your apps.

Disable your VPN

Such a service affects the geographic location of your device. This, in turn, gives false information to some apps that may or may not function in some countries.

Hopefully, the methods presented above helped you sort out Google Play Store errors.

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