WhatsApp Photo Sharing – How To Send Uncompressed Images

Sending compressed photos on WhatsApp might not be of everyone’s likeness, but do not worry! We came up with a trick that would allow you to send pictures to everyone you want without getting them compressed. You do not even need to change the messaging platform or use a third-party app. However, it might take a few steps until you reach the final goal. Either you have an iOS or Android smartphone, we have gotten a solution.

How to send uncompressed images on WhatsApp for Android

If you have an Android smartphone, you will not believe how easy it is to send your friends and family photos via WhatsApp without having them compressed. All you need to do to achieve this is to change the image’s extension. You can also send documents on WhatsApp, but no compression is used for that. See what we mean below.

If you do not have a file manager, download one. Find the image you want to send in your smartphone’s folder. Change the file extension to .doc using the rename option. This way your picture gets camouflaged and WhatsApp will not compress it. However, when the file gets to the contact you sent it to, they need to start from the end. Download the file and change the extension to .jpg after opening the file manager.

Sending uncompressed images on WhatsApp on iOS

Only the root needs to be changed in this process for iOS users to send WhatsApp uncompressed images. Use the File application to share or save your photos: you can get it from your iCloud account or any folder on your device. Open WhatsApp once the image is saved and use the paperclip coin to send the document. This time the receiver does not need to do anything.

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