Fix Google Play Store “Authentication Is Required” Error With These Quick Methods

Nobody likes to receive errors that say their software is not working correctly. Android users have reported that the Google Play Store authentication is required issue seems to be commonplace. With Google services occupying more of our software needs, it’s difficult when their functions don’t work. On the positive side, issues concerning the Google Play Store can be fixed in one way or another. Find how to fix Google Play Store “authentication is required” error below.

Fix Google Play Store “Authentication Is Required” Error

Uninstall Google Play Store updates

This is a case where it’s not you, and it’s them. This can be fixed by accessing Settings – Apps – Google Play Store. Select uninstall updated on the Store, giving you access to the original version of the app. Install the latest update and sign in.

Sync your account. The issue could be a simple matter of refreshing your system. So, go to Settings – Accounts & Sync – Google Account Sync. See if the error is gone in Google Play.

Remove your Google account

The problem might be with the sign-in. To fix this issue go to Settings – Accounts & Sync – Remove Google account. Add your account information again to address the sign-in problem. Restart your device to be sure.

Clear data

Cleaning up leftover data from your Google Play Store app might solve the issue. Go to Settings – Apps – Google Play Store – Storage – Clear Data. You can clear the cache too.

Try the web browser

If the Google Play Store “authentication is required” error keeps popping up, then bypass the app entirely by going to the website version of the service. Sign in to your Google account on mobile or desktop to download your desired app until a solution can be found.

Please note that rebooting your mobile device between the steps can help you fix Google Play Store “authentication is required” error. This forces the device to refresh all its core functionalities and sync its programs.

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