iPhone 2020 Models Are The One You Want To Buy, Not iPhone 11

The display of the iPhone 2020 models might be a clever dual refresh rate one as insiders suggest. The cutting-edge ProMotion panel tech will be used by Apple to offer fans smoother graphics without affecting how long the battery lives. Some rumors even say that Apple with not wait for 2020 to use this technology, but also implement it in the 2019 models.

What will be new in the iPhone 2020

We are not sure if a mixture of OLED and LCD will be Apple’s choice again. At the moment, the LCD panel has been installed only in the budget-friendly iPhones such as the XR model, while you can find the OLED panels in the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS. The first panel, even though it can provide bezels as thin as the latter, is a budget choice.

Most rumors say that Apple will no longer rely on LCD panels for its budget devices and introduce the OLED panels to all of them. This will happen either in 2019 with this autumn’s iPhones or in 2020. In this case, the next year’s iPhone will also have 5G support.

Apple is getting all the supplies ready

However, there are more factors than just the screen. For the 2020 iPhones, the Cupertino company is said to use the ProMotion technology, based on the leaks from Ice universe. They suggest that Apple is maintaining conversations with LG and Samsung, panel supplies, as to decide whether next year they can release phones with a screen that could switch between a 60 Hz and 120 Hz refresh rate.

In mid-2019 ProMotion launched on the iPad Pro and it offered a straightforward thing, smoothness while working on it. Even the Apple Pencil was working better on the iPad.

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