How to Play Minecraft on iPad

play minecraft on ipad

Do you want to play Minecraft on your iPad? Good news is, we will show you how to do this.

Playing Minecraft PE on iPad is quite different from playing the same version of the game on the PC or a Console because Minecraft on iPad relies majorly on the touch screen.

Before going ahead to play Minecraft on your iPad, you should be familiar with the game controls.

Minecraft iPad Game Controls

  • You should use the directional pad at the bottom left of your screen to move
  • To jump, tap the centre of the directional pad
  • To look around, swipe your thumb or finger in any direction of your choice outside of the directional pad area.
  • To equip yourself with an item, tap on the item on the bottom toolbar.
  • To select other items, tap on the icon with 3 dots to reveal the inventory from which you can make your selections.
  • Tap on the 3 dots icon to hide the inventory.
  • To place an item you’re holding, tap on any spot of your choice on the screen outside of the directional pad.
  • If you have a weapon, tapping anywhere on the screen will use the weapon
  • To place blocks or mine the ground with a pickaxe, tap and hold your finger on the screen.

How to install Minecraft PE on your iPad

  • You should download and install the game if it is not installed on your iPad.
  • Launch the game from your iPad home screen by tapping on Minecraft icon.
  • Tap on the Play menu
  • Select a world from the given choices. If there are no worlds or you want to start a new world, you should tap on the ‘New’ button
  • Adjust the game settings to suit you
  • Select either the ‘Creative’ or ‘Survival’ mode
  • You should tap on ‘Generate World’ to create a new world.

Tips for Playing Minecraft on iPad

  • To move while gathering, placing or using a weapon with your finger on the screen, use the directional pad simultaneously.
  • If you are playing in the survival mode, the inventory menu is equipped with a craft button with which you can create materials and tools with the resources you have gathered.
  • Gather materials like wood from trees and cobblestone. With 4 blocks of wood, you can build a crafting table that enables you to craft other tools from your gathered raw materials
  • Build a house from other materials to protect yourself
  • Use the Armour menu in the inventory screen to equip yourself and protect yourself from enemies’ attacks.

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