WhatsApp Becomes Available On KaiOS

KaiOS Technologies owns the mobile operating system with the same name which is based on Linux. The owner is also a company from the United States. The OS is forked from Firefox OS’ open-source community-driven successor, the B2G(Boot to Gecko), which in 2016 got discontinued by Mozilla. Now, WhatsApp is available for KaiOS.

This mobile operating system has support for VoLTE, 4G LTE E, Wi-Fi, and GPS as its primary features as well as HTML5-based apps. The battery life of smartphones running this OS lasts longer when they have an optimized user interface. If you want to download apps, you can do so by accessing KaiStore, the dedicated app marketplace.

Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter are, however, preloaded. It does not need more than 256 MB of memory to run on devices, which makes it quite lightweight compared to other OS’ hardware resource usage.

WhatsApp is available for KaiOS

Now all KaiOS smartphone owners can download their favorite messaging app, WhatsApp. Until today, only the Nokia 8110 4G and JioPhone had access to it. Now, even though your phone might have only 512MB or 256MB of RAM, you can still get it. At the moment there are only 12 models of Kai phones, 4 of them having 256MB and the others 512MB of RAM.

All the features found in the Android and iOS version of WhatsApp also come in the Kai one. KaiOS users needed to rely on SMS, but now their lives were made more accessible with this great addition.

People from over 100 countries purchased 100 million phones with Kai OS which means that about the same number can now use most important apps the Android, and iOS users do such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Would you try a phone powered by KaiOS? Do you think it will become the third big operating system alongside iOS and Android?

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