Final Fantasy 7 Remake Latest Lakes and Improvements

Final Fantasy is one of the few games that have been around since gaming’s early days and managed to survive the test of time with every new title. Gamers have been promised a remake of Final Fantasy 7, one of the most highly rated installments of the series.

Generous reveal or pure teasing?

Recently, some absolutely gorgeous images of the remake of Final Fantasy 7 were released by developer Square Enix. Gamers were simply stunned by the amazing looks of the game and just can’t wait to experience it.

A recent Twitter post made by the social media team of Final Fantasy 7 revealed a side by side comparison between the concept of the game and actual gameplay.

“Here’s a piece of original concept art featuring the Sector 1 Station in #FinalFantasy VII Remake,” the tweet says.


The revealed images relief the accent that the developers put on details, and feedback from the gaming community was extremely positive, as some gamers say that they just can’t find their words to express how much they love the fresh look of Final Fantasy 7.

Some are excited to explore the sectors of Midgar that weren’t explorable in the original game, some are pleased about the realistic look of the game and some are already thinking about solving the mysteries that await them in Midgar or even go looking for easter eggs.

Impatient gamers

Fans of the series are literally begging for a demo gameplay before the official March 2020 release of the game, which is simply too far away to tolerate after seeing these images.

Leaks say that it’s likely we’ll see a demo before the release of the game and we really hope to see it as soon as possible!

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