Fix Android Smartphone Won’t Turn On

If you are reading this then you are one of the unlucky people that are currently smartphone-less. You are probably on your friend’s phone right now or your laptop, trying to quickly search for a solution to this problem. So, let’s get right into it and not waste more time. Here are some causes and fixes in case your Android smartphone won’t turn on.

Fix Android Smartphone Won’t Turn On

Charging and brightness level

The most obvious reason for your phone not turning on is that the battery is dead. This can be further complicated by the brightness level being automatically set to the lowest level. So, you are unable to see the prompt to charge your phone. Check the charge level and squint at the screen in good light conditions to see if it displays something.

Charging faults

Another simple issue lies with the charging process itself. Your cable, adaptor, or battery might be faulty. So, check each one yourself or at a repair point.

The display

Your phone could be in good working order but a faulty display will give you the wrong impression. If you force shut down your phone by holding down on the power button you should hear a sound or a vibration. If so, get your phone to a repair center to check the display software and hardware.

Water damage

If you dropped your phone in water, recently, then this is a clear cause for it not turning on. In this case, do absolutely nothing. Leave the phone as it is, remove the sim and battery if possible, and try the raw rice bag method. It usually works. You cand use a cloth or a vacuum cleaner to soak up some of the water beforehand. But rice is safer. After 1-2 days, check your phone.

Gradual issues

If your phone displayed weird glitches and bugs over time then it’s a software issue and can easily be fixed most of the time. Save as much data as possible then go to Settings and Restore the device to factory default. If this does not work, manually update your device software by looking up your firmware number ( ROM ) in Settings. Get a laptop, connect your phone to it, and look up the firmware number based on your manufacturer. You should find a specific software to easily install the firmware on your phone.

Only seeing the logo

This is called a bootloop and it is tricky to solve. It’s not impossible but you need a degree of patience to look up a guide or two and follow the steps. Going to a repair center will fix the issue faster and with less hassle on your part. Be sure to ask them to back up your information on a USB drive if possible.

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