Google Android Accessibility Received Significant Improvement – Sound Amplifier

Google has developed its own Sound Amplifier app for its Android Accessibility, and in case you need it, you can now get it from the Google Play Store. It used to be a default app for the Android operating system, and it was also recently introduced through the latest stable update, but now the developer offers extended compatibility as it was redesigned. The Sound Amplifier app used to only run on Android 9.0 Pie or later, but now it is also compatible with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above versions.

Google wanted more than just simple sound amplification, so it offered the app a redevelopment. People suffering from severe or mild deafness will now be helped by Artificial Intelligence in the Sound Amplifier app that improves clarity by boosting only certain components of the audio. This happens in an intelligent and dynamic matter.

Google Android Accessibility Received Significant Improvement

Many Android smartphone users are suffering from different levels of deafness, so Google wanted to improve the Android Accessibility experience by offering them the Sound Amplifier app. The various audio and sounds inputs can make it difficult for people who are not tone-deaf to decipher them, and increasing the volume or amplifying it is not that helpful.

According to what Ricardo Garcia, the Android technical lead, wrote in a blog post, people can’t experience the world and other people at their best if they do not have clear sound. You might think that you can help them by talking louder, but it is the audio frequency that needs to be changed and not the volume. This is exactly what the Sound Amplifier does, so everyone can have access to clear audio via this Android Accessibility function. He also said that the team of developers would continuously be working on ways to improve this aiding app, so their goal will be achieved.

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