Samsung Galaxy Fold Will Finally Launch In September

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was expected to be released in late April 2019, but there were design issues. So Samsung had to scrap it and go back to the drawing board temporarily. With the embarrassment behind them, the company has officially announced the device will be launched in September 2019.

As the name suggests, this is the first foldable device to run on Android. Two smartphones are pretty much combined one device that is about as wide as one smartphone and a half. The middle split present design issue in terms of stability and interactivity.

It was reported that the foldable display was prone to gathering dust and dirt underneath it. Adding and removing a screen protector was a nightmare and resulted in damaging the display. Samsung found a fix for the identified issues in the three months that have passed, and changes were made to the device.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Fixes

  • The Infinity Flex Display has been extended and optimized
  • A redesign has sealed the cracks in the Fold so it will no longer gather dust
  • Parts of the hinge area have been reinforced
  • The display has been enhanced with added metal layers
  • The hinge and the body are closer together for better stability

How good would Samsung Galaxy Fold be?

First of all, you need to know that the price of the device will be $2000. So it needs to stack up to this massive price tag, which is extremely difficult to do. It is well made with the help of the redesign, but it feels bulky, somewhat like the pre-smartphones.

The main attraction for the device is the screen, and it stands at a mere 4.6 inches. When expanded, it’s 7.3 inches, which is not that big when compared to today’s plus-sized phones. And quite tiny when compared to a tablet.

So, Samsung Galaxy Fold is supposed to be in the middle somewhere as an experiment that is meant to reach people that are not satisfied with the current size of their phone. But the issue is that the consumer is not getting enough screen for the price tag and the features on the phone will be comparable with Samsung devices that are at least $500 cheaper.

It will be expensive, it won’t break under regular use, it will be thicker, but it may be fun and somewhat practical for some people. It’s an experiment, much like the old Nokia N series, and people bought those too.

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