Google Pixelbook 2 Appeared In An FCC Filing

Google’s Pixelbook attracted a large amount of positive feedback when it was released as customers and reviewers appreciated the device. Many critics praised the remarkable hybrid, which was able to provide lots of features in comparison to the competition. Now, a new FCC filing hinted to Google Pixelbook 2.

Some deeded to be not just the best Chromebook but the best 2-in-1 device on the market and for good reasons. A beautiful blend of software allows the device to offer the advantages of Android apps while retaining the core features and design of Chrome OS.

While Google has already acknowledged that the Pixelbook 2 is in development, the device remained shrouded in secrecy. The wait for a release date will likely be shorter than it was thought as first as a new FCC filing may be related to the upcoming device.

It is essential to keep in mind that the filling will remain confidential for the first 180 days, which means that Google has plenty of time to organize a stylish launch during the annual hardware event which takes places in October.

Google Pixelbook 2 Appeared In An FCC Filing

There are several factors which hint that the filling is related to Pixelbook 2. It was filled by Quanta, the company which manufactured the initial Pixelbook. The label which is present on the filing is also similar to the one which appears on devices from the Pixel range.

Some sources were confused by the fact that the FCC ID is similar to the one encountered in the case of Pixel smartphones, but the chances are quite low since Foxconn handles the production of the smartphone line.

The specs of the device remain elusive for now, but many sources anticipate some significant changes, including the introduction of a spectacular 4K panel and the use of bleeding-edge components.

On dedicated tech forums, some users anticipate that the new Pixelbook will be strong enough to warrant the use of the dual boot, a change which could make it even more popular. More information will likely be available in the future on the upcoming Google Pixelbook 2.

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