How to Fix Hulu 500 Error – Easy Tips and Tricks

Hulu is a popular online streaming service that many use instead of a regular cable connection. The service is cheaper than a cable connection and serves to mimic TV, more so than Netflix or Amazon. Online platforms that have an increased focus on unique, exclusive productions.

Many people are subscribing to Hulu due to its large range of programs. This includes TV shows, documentaries, movies, sports, and news. But one issue that users have been faced with is the pesky error 500 code on Hulu. Down below we’re going to list some causes and fixes.

Hulu error 500 causes and fixes

Reloading. The simple fix of closing the webpage and opening it again is quite often the way to go. The refresh option or the F5 button is a simple way to renew the page. The simplest solution is often the best.

Remove cookies. Lots of browser cookies can cause issues with functionality and even affect your internet speed. Try to remove all of these by clearing your history and accepting cookies only when needed in the future. Depending on your web browser, you need to take the following steps.

  • Google Chrome – Settings – More tools – Clear browsing data
  • Mozilla Firefox -Menu-Options -Privacy and Security-Cookies and Site Data-Clear Data
  • Safari – Menu – Preferences – Privacy – Block all cookies or Manage Website data

Remove the cache. The cache is linked with your browsing history, so clearing that out will possibly remove any errors that are stuck in the activity log. The option for clearing out the cache is found by selecting Clear Browsing data.

Restart. As with closing and opening the webpage, restarting your device will possibly help fix the issue. Even restarting your modem is a good idea for a fresh start on your device. Also, go on a speed test website to check your internet.

Update Hulu. As with most software, performing an update clears out lots of issues and restores normal functionality. Perform the necessary steps based on your platform.

  • Google Play Store – Menu – My Apps and games – Hulu – Update
  • Apple Store – Purchased – Settings – General – Update

Reinstall. Uninstalling Hulu and reinstalling it will ensure that the program will definitely work in optimal parameters.

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