Microsoft To-Do Received Redesign And Some Improvements

Microsoft To-Do is an app that allows you to stay organized by providing you with a lot of ways to remember all your tasks, organize them, and then get rid of them as the day passes.

Microsoft To-Do is one useful application

It is fantastic that you can use this app no matter the operating system of your device. You can use it on your iOS or Android handset without any worries. You can even use this app in your web browser or desktop client, depending on what gets you more motivated to finish what you write in it.

You can group your tasks by creating lists, attach files, set reminders and due days, or stick notes and links. This interface is clean, and you will come to love as it is something calm in your stressful and busy life.

You will not even believe how excellent the performance of the mobile app is as it works as fast as it can. It syncs across devices and has no delays, although you might not have the best internet connection. This is great when you are in a hurry and do not want to get angry while waiting for an app to open.

What’s new in Microsoft To-Do update?

Microsoft will roll out a new To-Do update to Fast Ring Insiders as its primary goal is to keep revamping the experience of taking notes no matter the platform.

The new Microsoft To-Do update introduces a new “rich entry” bar. Thanks to it you will see the To-Do items and the menus for each one of them either dropping down or popping up. Fast Ring Insiders is the tester of this rich entry bar, but a senior software engineer at Microsoft also offered some clues that the app might get some additional subtle UI elements incorporated.

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