Nintendo Switch Would Receive Reliable Android ROM Soon

Switchroot is a modding team who build the Android 8.1 Oreo having a base of Lineage OS 15.1 as it has previously been reported. In addition to that, the team might even have some to do with the Shield Tablet from Nvidia’s ROM. Even more, Nintendo Switch would get an Android ROM any time soon.

There is a list of games that can’t be played somewhere else but on Shield devices. With that being said, thanks to this new creation, you will be able to play those games on other platforms as well. The downside is that the battery life of this device will have to suffer because of its lack of Deep Sleep functionality.

Another disadvantage would be that it does not show when you are charging it. Even though you are, no icon confirms it.

Nintendo Switch Would Receive Reliable Android ROM Soon

The device will get regular flashable updates, so if you want to take advantage of those, we recommend you add a microSD to it. The flash can be easily faffed out using a helpful installer.

GitHub makes it all available at the moment as the finished ROM will be posted on 29th of July so you can take a look before everyone else who does not know about this trick. However, not everything is milk and honey.

Nintendo does not agree with the usage of hacks and mods, so the developer has been tracking borking mods, as well as the people who use them. Those players will be banned if they tried reengineering their Nintendo Switch consoles. With that being said, it will not go unnoticed if you reflash your Nintendo Switch with the upcoming Android ROM. You might not be allowed back after you do it, so these are your own risks.

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