Updated Nvidia Shield TV Popped Up On FCC

If you have been here before it means you know about the “mdarcy” too, which is the codename of an updated Nvidia Shield TV. This model was said to come with Android 9 Pie, an updated Tegra X1 chipset and some renewed peripherals. Based on a recent FCC filing, the device is actually real.

How does this updated Nvidia Shield TV version look like?

The label of the filing is “Nvidia Corporation Shield Android TV Game Console P3430”, but we do not have any specifications or images listed. We only know that its processor will be the Tegra X1 T210 B01. It makes sense to update the chipset in this new version because the 2017 Shield TV had the Tegra X1 A2.

The Nvidia Shield TV has the title for one of the most popular and best Android TV devices because it allows users to stream local games from PCs equipped with Nvidia GPU, it contains the full power of the Android ecosystem, and it also features GeForce Now, the game streaming service of Nvidia.

More upgrades

The Nintendo Switch will also be improved with an updated motherboard, processor and flash. In case Nvidia does not use the same processor as in its Shield TV, it will surely include a similar one.

The fact is, we have to wait 180 days until the details of the filing become public as they are now kept confidential. We do not even know if the Shield TV will be as improved as we mentioned above because the most important details are kept secret.

However, the company has a good reputation for bettering older devices and making them viable for the industry. Besides the Android 9 Pie that will power the updated Nvidia Shield TV when it launches, there is no doubt that the device would also support Android Q as well.

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