Google Play Store 16.0.15 APK Data Mining Revealed Video Auto-Play And Material Theme

Users are probably eagerly expecting the Google Play Store to feature the Material Theme the most. Work has been done on the Store since April 2019 and has been continued to this day, with the upcoming update being Google Play Store 16.0.15.

Information about the update comes from a source called APK Insight. They have posted APK files that have possibly revealing lines of code in a procedure known as data mining. We have looked carefully and decided that some features can be discerned from the code.

However, Google might not finally implement what is in the Google Play Store 16.0.15 APK codes, and it is a matter of interpretation anyway. So take the following information with a grain of salt.

Google Play Store 16.0.15 APK Data Mining – Video Auto-Play And Material Theme

Material Theme Redesign

The redesign of the Material Theme will be optimized for app listings. This is because work has been done by rearranging design elements and applying the Google Sans font. The buttons for Install, Open, and cancel morph beautifully into each other and the slide commands are smooth.

The animations are very well done within the functions of the Google Play Store. As they say, the devil is in the details.

The app developer page has also received a touch-up. This is the page where the user can access developer information. The arrangement and size of a developer’s logo, description, and available apps are a pleasure to look at.

Video Auto-Play

The Google Play Store increasingly uses video ads to promote the apps in their roster. As with many websites, this can be distracting or annoying. Google Play Store 16.0.15 APK data mining suggest that a future update will allow users to disable the video auto-play that consistently showcases apps. This is a measure also taken by many, if not all web browsers. This is due to an alarming increase in video-based ads that popup without permission and plays all sorts of irritating sounds.

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