How to uninstall Pokemon Go from your smartphone

uninstall pokemon go

Pokemon Go was released in 2016 and it rose quickly to become one of the most downloaded games of the year. It took the world by surprise as it ushered many people out of their home to hunt for Pokemon.

Stories making the round claimed that people hunted Pokemon wherever they went. Privacy concerns began emerging after the Pokemon craze had died down and people became concerned about how to uninstall Pokemon Go from their mobile devices and probably delete their Pokemon Go account.

If you’re tired of hunting down Pokemon and you want to create extra storage space for a new app, music, video, etc. follow the steps below to uninstall Pokemon Go from your device.

How to uninstall Pokemon Go from smartphones

For iOS devices

Method 1

  • Long-press the Pokemon Go icon on your device’s launcher/front page until an ‘x’ icon in a circle appears
  • Tap on the ‘x’ icon
  • Tap on ‘Delete’ to confirm that you want to delete the Pokemon Go app from your device.

Method 2

  • Launch your iOS device’s settings app >> tap on ‘General’
  • On the ‘General’ page, tap on ‘iPhone Storage’
  • Locate and select the ‘the Pokemon Go’ app
  • Tap on ‘Delete app’ >> tap on ‘Delete’ to confirm your action.

For Android devices

Method 1

  • Launch the Google Play Store app on
  • Tap on the menu options at the top-left of the Play Store page (three horizontal bars)
  • Tap on ‘My apps & games’ >> ‘INSTALLED’
  • Scroll through the list of installed apps
  • Tap on ‘Pokemon Go’ >> tap on ‘UNINSTALL’ to begin the uninstallation process.

Method 2

  • Launch the Settings app of your mobile device
  • Navigate through to ‘Apps’ and tap on it
  • Locate ‘Pokemon Go’ by scrolling through the listed apps
  • Once you have located ‘Pokemon Go’ in the list, tap on it to direct you to its info page.
  • On the ‘App info’ page, tap on ‘UNINSTALL’ to uninstall Pokemon Go from your device

Deleting the Pokemon Go app from your device does not automatically erase your data from Pokemon Go’s servers. If you intend playing the game later in future, it’s OK to delete the app from your device. If otherwise, you should visit Niantic’s website and fill the request form to have your account deleted permanently from Pokemon Go’s servers.

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