Apple Confirmed That iPhone 12 Models Would Come Out With 5G Support

Pretty much everyone expected Apple’s 2020 phones, dubbed currently as iPhone 12, to have 5G support. People need no longer speculate over the issue, as the company has confirmed the implementation of the tech in their future iPhone 2020 models.

Apple is making big moves with the purchase of a considerable chunk of Intel’s business. The significant acquisition has been made to offer the company more independence from parts manufacturers. The effects of the move might be seen as early as 2020, with the launch of muscled up iPhone smartphones.

Apple chose not to rush into the new 5G network tech

It has been reported that all iPhone 12 models will have 5G tech, not only the more expensive variants. Major mobile network companies have significantly marketed the new tech, but smartphones manufacturers did not immediately rush in on the hype, preferring to keep it safe until a proper implementation of the technology could take place.

Apple has utilized the waiting approach as well, as they did not need this issue added to its already impressive list of client grievances. But the moment has come for the company to add 5G tech to their phones safely.

Smart Apple strategies to implement 5G support in iPhone 12 models

The wait has been caused by gathering a couple of puzzle pieces to make a move to 5G. The tech issue has been solved with the acquisition of Intel’s baseband division. What’s left is to wait for the competition to make enough sales, so the price of Android compatible 5G devices drops.

This financial strategy includes selling masses of devices that are under 6 GHz. These only allow for waves to travel shorter distances compared to full 5G compatible units. Apple will need to take a quality versus cost decision with next year’s lineup.

Apple is still deciding whether or not to have all their iPhone 12 model be fully 5G or to compete with other manufacturers on the under 6GHz devices which are at a lower price point. We’ll see that in the future.

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