OPPO Vice President Presented The New “Waterfall Screen” Display Technology

The screen-to-body ratio is becoming a grand thing that smartphone manufacturers are paying attention to with all of them competing and struggling to achieve the magical 100 percent mark. Bezels have been reduced by using popup cameras, and holes have been cut into the actual screens to minimize space. OPPO has decided they are having none of that, and, instead, they are looking to an outside the box solution for the endeavor. Company vice president Brian Shen was tasked with presenting a new phone that has something called a Waterfall Screen.

This means that the sides of the screen appear to fall over the edge, just like water in a waterfall. But this looks suspiciously familiar, as this style has been made famous by Samsung with its Edge screens.

The curving of the screen has been trademarked under the name Infinity Display display to the illusion that the screen never ends. The lack of a firm border on the edges of the screen has that effect, something that has become a standard for quality phones.

OPPO Vice President Presented The New “Waterfall Screen” Display Technology

OPPO has taken the design, and they believed their attention to detail had refined it. This new Waterfall Screen has an aggressive 88-degree angle, making the phone pretty much bezel-less to the naked eye. The top and bottom of the phone are the only places where a small bezel can be seen. The top bezel is incredibly thin, meaning that OPPO has opted for a popup camera or an in-screen model.

The take on the edge design seems like a wrap-around, making it an exciting choice. But critics are speculating over the durability of the design as well as its practicality. This is due to the accidental usage that could be easily caused by sideswiping the device.

Further concerns include optimization for the new gesture control tech that is making waves on Android phones right now, as well as serious concerns for various app developers in optimizing their software for the demanding screen.

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