Three Methods to Sync Outlook and Gmail Contacts​

If you ever wanted to and wondered how you could sync your Google contacts between your Gmail and Outlook accounts, you’ve come to the right place. The tools we’re going to mention here are perfect for syncing contacts for people who have several Outlook and Google accounts.

Sync Gmail contacts with Outlook

We are going to mention only three methods to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook, although there are plenty on the web. Here are the three tools that will help you do just that.​

  1. Outlook4Gmail add-in

Outlook4Gmail has an incredibly simple interface, which makes it easy to use and understand. To download it, head to its official website. After the downloading process completes, the add-in will automatically load when you launch the Microsoft Outlook app. The add-on will also create its own tab with buttons or a menu and a toolbar.

How to sync your contacts

  1. Select ‘Contacts’ from the ‘Settings’ section of the Outlook tab
  2. Press the down-arrow and choose ‘Configure Contacts sync rules’
  3. A new window will pop up suggesting you to ‘Add Account’
  4. Select an account and start syncing your contacts

Please NOTE that the free version of this tool enables syncing only Google Contacts, and only one Contact sync rule is allowed.

  1. GO Contact Sync Mod

This amazing tool syncs your Outlook email contacts with your Gmail address book, which include pictures, categories, and notes automatically. Go Contact Sync Mod automatically identifies the accounts held inside Outlook and syncs them with Gmail. Before doing this, you will have to enter your Gmail username and password. As soon as the connection is created, the syncing process will start.

  1. Contacts Sync

Contacts Sync functions on any Gmail and Google Apps account, able to sync Outlook contacts to Android smartphone, iPhone and so on. Once installed, it offers sync from Outlook contacts to Gmail contacts, and sync contacts from Gmail to Outlook contacts.

This tool has both a free and a pro version. If utilizing the free version, you must manually add new contacts to Gmail’s My Contacts. There is also an option called ‘scheduled sync’ that enables you to configure it to sync contacts at regular periods.

To download the free version of this tool, go to the official Contact Sync website.

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