IoT Device Protection Availability for Azure Security Center

Microsoft is one of the big players in the world of IoT, and their Azure service, which is created for building, developing and testing applications which require access to data centres managed by Microsoft features some state of the art technology.

Time for an upgrade

Microsoft finally revealed general accessibility of their Azure Security Center, providing advanced security features and threat protection for all IoT devices in use.

Michal Braverman – Blunmenstyke, CTO for Cloud and AI Security of Microsoft, declared: “Azure Security Center allows you to protect your end-to-end IoT deployment by identifying and responding to emerging threats, as well as finding issues in your configurations before attackers can use them to compromise your deployment” .

The Azure Security Center is available since mid 2016, and it was used by organizations worldwide to spot and fix security threats that can affect their Azure cloud applications and VM’s.

What’s the big deal?

Azure Security Center for IoT makes threat detection and prevention faster than ever, and this is possible for every single IoT device.

This is very big news for companies who use this service as it reached a new level of automation that comes in handy for those who are often short-staffed.

The Azure Security Center for IoT keeps careful track on IoT devices, networks and Azure services 24/7, thanks to various security assessments.

“With newly added IoT capabilities, you can now reduce attack surface for your Azure IoT solution and remediate issues before they can be exploited. Monitor your IoT solution for incoming attacks and post-breach activity” – quote from Microsoft.

Release date and pricing

General availability will supposedly start for all clients on October 1.  

Information about the pricing of the Azure Security Center for IoT can be found on their designated page, featuring pay per month or pay per transaction offers.

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