MediaTek Helio G90 and G90T Announced As Mobile Gaming Processors

MediaTek, a Taiwanese based chip designer, has recently announced two possible contenders to Qualcomm’s CPUs, the Helio G90 and G90T.

MediaTek Helio G90 and G90T Specs

As we have learned by now, every flagship CPU will sport eight cores, and this seems to be the case with these new chips as well, being clocked at up to 2.05 GHz. The two will be using the same ARM Cortex-A76 and A55 cores that have also been featured in the latest Huawei and Qualcomm flagship processors. Not only that, but the chip will also embrace the Mali G76 GPU that will support up to 10GB of LPDDR4x RAM, and quickly speeding to up to 800 MHz.

MediaTek’s G90 and G90T will be the SoCs in the company’s gaming-oriented G-Series sequence of chips. An exciting feature, called “HyperEngine” that consists of a series of features that seem to boost the games’ performance on smartphones. Aside from that, the chip will also have a smart network engine that will predict when your Wi-Fi internet speed is demeaning and then automatically using an LTE network as a substitute. The chip will support HDR10, and the touchscreen gestures and controls will be enhanced to feel more sensitive with a “rapid response engine.”

MediaTek Is Planning Big

The MediaTek announcement states that the company wants this new lineup of processors to be used on future gaming smartphones like the Razer Phone 2 or Asus ROG 2. This might not be the case though, companies such as these using Qualcomm’s flagships, meanwhile MediaTek’s processors were featured in midrange and budget devices like devices coming from Redmi or lower-end Nokia phones.

The company’s plans are striving for greatness, and with these new CPUs in action, we might probably see some competition between MediaTek and Qualcomm in the gaming market, but its performance will only determine that.

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