Garena Free Fire: Top Up Diamond through Gamer Kiosk

garena free fire diamond gamer kiosk

Are you a Free Fire player? Do you want to top up diamond through Gamer Kiosk? Here’s how.

Diamonds in Free Fire provides you with needed in-game boosts, and while there are numerous ways to top up diamonds on the game, KiosGamer offers a rather seamless avenue.

To top up diamond through KiosGamer, herein are the necessary procedures.

Garena Free Fire: Top Up Diamond through Gamer Kiosk

KiosGamer offers four major top-up options to Free Fire players. These include UniPin voucher, Garena Shell, Garena Vouchers and Telkomsel.

Anyway, to top up diamonds via each of the avenues mentioned above, below are the steps to follow:

Method 1: Via Telkomsel

To top up diamonds via Telkomsel, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the designated site.
  • Tap on the Free Fire icon
  • Key in your Free Fire-Facebook login credentials.
  • Tap on the Telkomsel icon, and select your desired number of diamonds.
  • Input your phone number (as prompted).
  • Follow the prompt commands to confirm action and finish up.

Method 2: Via UniPin Kiosk

To top up here, simply follow the steps below:

  • Go here and select Free Fire in the home window.
  • Input your Free Fire login details (Facebook login details) and login as prompted
  • Locate “UniPin” and tap on it.
  • Tap on the “UniPin Method”.
  • Fill out the prompted voucher.
  • And you’re all set! Start topping up your diamonds.

Method 3: Via Garena Shell

To enable Free Fire diamond top up via Garena Shell, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to KiosGamer.
  • Find and tap on Free Fire.
  • Login with your Free Fire-Facebook credentials.
  • Select Garena Shell in the next window.
  • Select the desired “nominal shell”.
  • Sign into your Garena account.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions – to run the prompted verification in your account.
  • And you’re set!

Method 4: Via Garena Voucher

To top up via Garena Voucher, follow the proceduces below:

  • Go to KiosGamer and select Free Fire.
  • Login with your Free Fire (Facebook) login credentials.
  • Select Garena Voucher from the displayed options.
  • Input the 16-digit code (for the voucher).
  • Input the 8-digit serial number.
  • Confirm action (as prompted).
  • And you’re set!

Start enjoying your diamond top-ups unhindered.

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