PUBG Mobile Beta 0.14.0 Update Available to Download with New Changes

A new version of PUBG Mobile was released recently, adding new content to the already very enjoyable battle royale experience.

However, in the past, PUBG updates were a bit difficult to install, and smartphone users complained about this a lot throughout the time.

Tencent to the rescue

Tencent changed the way beta updates work, making it a lot easier to download and install them. However, the update can now be downloaded from a more official source: Google PlayStore or Apple’s App store.

Downloading the beta version for iOS means taking part in the Apple Testflight program, and can require you to take some extra steps.

After installing the update on iOS, the operating system will ask you if the new PUBG Mobile beta is safe. In order to confirm, players need to go to Settings > General > Device Management, and then pick the “safe” option.

Android users might have to log into the game with their Facebook accounts and then confirm that the app package is safe.

Before you download

Take note that the update has a large size, so make sure that your smartphone’s storage can handle it.

What is in the update?

Some information was revealed in the patch notes, the most notable being the addition of a new Infection mode, which splits gamers into teams, some of which are zombies. The Daily Mission has been redesigned and some character system changes took place.

Tenecent is working on reducing the size of the Android download with the new update. One of the ways they are going to manage this is making some items that are used very rarely additional downloads.

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