Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 To Come Out In Just A Few Days

Samsung has been on a roll in recent months, and the company is hard at work. The company will reveal its latest tablet soon, and a new smartwatch will arrive in less than a week. It is thought that the upcoming device is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, as numerous leaks related to the device have surfaced in the previous months.

An official unveiling will take place on August 5, but it is not clear if the announcement will take place in a fashion similar to the popular Unboxed events or a simple post on the official website. Samsung has recently shared a short teaser video on its website. While the name of the device remains a mystery, it is implied that we are looking at a bleeding-edge watch which may come with lots of new features.

It is essential to take into account the fact that the first Galaxy Watch Active was announced in February 2019 as a companion device to the anticipated Samsung Galaxy S10 range. In most cases, a follow-up product is launched after a year, but the waiting period will be considerably shorter.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Would Launch On August 7th

Several sources have reported that a new version of the Watch will be released in tandem with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 on August 7th. The fact that Samsung has teased the announcement of a new watch before the release of the Note 10 appears to be a solid hint that the rumors might be right.

Leaked renders showcase a device which seems to be quite similar to the original Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. A significant difference comes in the form of a highlighted power button which sports a red ring. The change will likely allow potential customers to know that they are looking at a newer model.

The same images showcase a leather strap instead of a silicone one, but the latter may be offered as an optional accessory for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

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