How to fix Boom Beach update error problem

boom beach update error

There have been updates to the much-loved Boom Beach game from Supercell. However, some players have complained about having challenges updating to the most recent version of the game via the app store (Google Play Store and iTunes store).

On some occasions, players get an error message that says ‘device not compatible with this version’.

This update error is speculated to be from the Google Play Store. To this, Google has advised all affected players to hold on while they investigate the issue.

This error can also be due to the maintenance upgrade by Supercell.

If you are experiencing issue updating your Boom Beach game, while holding on, you can try any of the suggested fixes to resolve the issue.

How to fix Boom Beach update error problem

Basically, you can the Boom Beach problem by rebooting your device. Alternatively, try the solutions below.

Solution 1 (for iOS devices)

Try refreshing your update list. This solution has worked for many, hopefully, it might work for you. All you need do is drag down the ‘Updates’ tab to refresh.

Solution 2: Clear Google Play store Data and Cache (for Android devices)

  • Launch the Settings app from your launcher
  • Scroll through to ‘Apps’ and tap on ‘Google Play Store’
  • On the Google Play Store ‘App info’ page, tap on ‘Storage’
  • Tap on ‘CLEAR DATA’ to clear Google Play store data and cache
  • Exit your device’s settings and restart your device
  • Attempt updating the game from Google Play Store App

Solution 3:  Update Google Play Store

Update error by Boom Beach may be due to the failure of the Google Play Store to update itself. To update the Google Play Store app, follow the steps below

  • Launch the Google Play Store app
  • Tap on Google Play Store’s menu option (the 3 horizontal bar at the top-left of Google Play Store page)
  • From your displayed Dashboard, scroll through to ‘Settings’ and tap on it.
  • From the settings menu, scroll down to ‘Play Store version’
  • Tap on the ‘Play Store version’ to update the Google Play Store.
  • If Google Play store is already updated to the recent version, it displays a notification that says ‘ Google Play Store is up to date’
  • Tap ‘OK’ to exit the notification message.

Solution 4: use APK extractor to update Boom Beach

You can use APK extractor to transfer an already updated version of Boom Beach from a friend’s device to your device.

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