Clash Royale Draft Challenge and How to Win it

The Draft Challenge for Clash Royale has been announced by Supercell and it is scheduled for January 2020. The event will become available for players in the clan Friendly Battle section but the official event will start next year, in January.

There is quite some time to go until the official start of the event but this will allow you to practice and be ready when the time comes. In the article, we have given our two cents on how to participate and win the event, if at all possible.

Clash Royale Draft Challenge Information

Start date. The challenge won’t last forever as it is a temporary 4-day event that begins on the 20th of January and ends on the 23rd. There will be two options for participants, the Classic Draft Challengee and the Grand Draft Challenge. The Friendly Battle section will be available for players from the 19th of January, in case they want to play the mode without competing.

Prizes and Cost. The Classic will cost 10 gems to enter and the Grand Challenge will run you up 100 gems. The payout for the Classic winner will be up to 2000 gold and 1000 cards. The Grand winner will receive up to 22.000 coins and 1100 cards. Supercell events are usually free for the first tournament but not this one.

System. The way the Draft Challenge works is that you will basically draft cards. It’s in the title. The player is given some control over the cards but the randomness is king here. Selecting between 4 pairs of cards is needed as thee player gets 30 seconds to assemble their deck from the random cards presented. The cards you discard will be available to your opponent and vice-versa.

Win the Draft Challenge

The Elixir. The cost of Elixir on your chosen cards is something to take into consideration. Sticking with lower cost cards is a good idea, with the exception of a tank or two.

Card Variety. Flexibility is key as there are too many cards to keep track of. This is not Gwent where you know all the decks. So be fluid in your strategy and try to be prepared for everything. A deck full of heavy troops will not help you here. Keep your strategy in mind but also consider what your opponent is doing.

Best Cards to choose from

  • Graveyard
  • Archers
  • Zap
  • The Log
  • Tornado
  • Skeleton Army
  • Hog
  • Miner
  • Inferno Tower
  • Lavahound
  • Ice Golem
  • Elite Barbarian

Cards to avoid

  • Sparky
  • Bomber
  • Goblin Hut
  • Inferno Dragon
  • Skeletons
  • Mortar

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