4 Best Game Name Generator for Online Games

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This article brings you a list of “best game name generator for online games”.

Online gaming hubs typically requires you to have a unique gamertag (game name), which highlights your identity in the gaming world. For some players, coming up with a game name is quite simple. However, for the not-so-creative gamers, creating a unique and catchy game name could be a bit challenging.

If you fall within the latter category, do not worry; there are now specially designed name generators for Online games. And we’ll be showing you the best available ones in this article.

Best Game Name Generator for Online Games

  1. GENR8RS

This is a web-based name generator for online games. It is flexible and can be deployed on any web-supported platform.

GENR8RS affords gamers the opportunity to create names that best suit their respective personalities, game choices and preferred strategies.

To use this generator, all you have to do is log on to their website, input the requested information, select a game genre¬† hit the “generate” button and voila! You have a suitable game name.



Like GENR8RS, this name generator is a web-based tool, which can deployed across all notable operating systems. The tool is relatively easy to use, with a UI that is designed with utmost simplicity.

Typically, all you need to do is navigate to the site hosting the generator, and select the desired parameters. You can select your desired alphabet (starting alphabet), and preferred name order among others parameters.

Go here to get started.

  1. Nickfinder

If you have a soft spot for artistic writings, this game generator is probably your best bet. With Nickfinder, you don’t only get to create unique gamertags; you’re also afforded the opportunity of creating your name in unique fonts and styles (with characters).

Furthermore, as an online name generator, Nickfinder can easily be deployed on any web-supported device, whether mobile or desktop/laptop.

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  1. NameGeneratorFun

This game name generator rounds up our list. NameGeneratorFun, like others, is web-based, and thus does not need any form of installation before it can be deployed.

The name generator is designed to create suitable gamertags for online gamers. It uses parameters like gender, game genre and desired name type to create unique names that best suit your desires.

Get Name Generator Fun

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