8 of the best Android Games Not Available On Google Play Store

best android games not on google play

Google Play is the home of several millions of Android games. Games like casual, art, defense, action, arcade, mathematics, etc. can be found in the store.

Android is a system that is built around Apps, with Google play store having huge collections of Apps for them. But there are also a handful of some Apps that are not listed on the Google play store. Some of the reasons include the inability to meet certain Google terms, or in violation of some terms of the agreement, or games nature which might act as a hindrance for the game making it unto the platform.

Due to the nature of Android being of an open-source system, it can permit the installation of third-party apps without any complications.

Best Android Games Not On Google Play Store

Listed below are 8 best Android games not on Google Play Store.

  1. Fornite Battle Royale

This is among the popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. The game is played as each player on their own or in two or four online players. The game’s objective is to eliminate all opposition to win either as an individual or team.

  1. Dead Space

This is a science fiction horror game. An alien scourge infected a starship, killing all crew members, and their corpses reanimated into Necromorphs. The game is played from over-the -shoulder-third-person perspective.

  1. Zen Bound (Puzzle Game)

The game is to paint various objects with an attached rope of varying length depending on the level.

  1. Flappy Bird:

One of the most talk-about games. The player is to side-scroll the bird “Faby” while avoiding any contact with pillars.

  1. O.V.A 3

Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance 3, an action-adventure game, power-packed missions using heavy weapons.

  1. Tiny Thief

The game is a point and click adventure type. The objective of the game is to steal a certain object at a given level. The players control a thief by clicking on an accessible area, the player can also let the thief pick up objects to aid the mission.

  1. Duke Nukem 3D

An arcade action Role-playing shooter game. It involves moving through given levels at a protagonist’s point of view while shooting enemies along the path. The game has a high level of violence, nudity, and pornographic scenery.

  1. Residential Evil 4:

This is a third-person survival horror game. The gameplay is an action and shootout based on some horror elements.

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