GBWhatsApp Shut Down – What To Do Next?

We have written this article to tell you about the shutting down of GBWhatsApp. Here’s all you need to know about it.

It’s official now, the popular third-party WhatsApp client has shut down. The same thing happened with WhatsApp+ before because it has violated the company’s policy.

GBWhatsApp official statement

Via their channel GBWhatsApp informes us about the shutting down and about the fact that it won’t be any development in the future. We can’t say that we didn’t expect it at all. Unfortunately, the developers didn’t indicate us the reason and that’s why we can speculate that it was the WhatsApp+ situation all over again.

Also, we have reasons to believe that the new version of WhatsApp+ and GBWhatsApp3 risk to be shut down as well because there is no secret that their developers are also behind GBWhatsApp.

The popularity of GBWhatsApp was pretty impressive. People appreciated this app mainly for its features. The users had the possibility of hiding a lot of stuff they wanted to keep for themselves such as their status, the last time they have been online. Also, they had the opportunity to customize the font and other features on the platform.

The 7.0 version, meaning the last one released, was launched in June 2019. The users have a little of time left to enjoy the services provided by GBWhatsApp, to be more specific, until the end of August. That’s when it will be shutting down completely and the cause it’s clear, no more updates.

Our suggestion

If you’re a current user of GBWhatsApp we want to give you a piece of advice. You’ll probably want to start using the official WhatsApp app to avoid any inconvenience. But if you want to use GBWhatsApp until its expiration, you should have everything ready for the switch up.

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