Google Play Store To Have A $5 Subscription Plan Via Google Play Pass

As Android-based smartphone users, we always use the Google Play Store to download the latest games or apps for our every-day use. These apps range from free to paid, and it seems that this factor is about to change with the newest implementation that Google is testing.

Google Play Pass For Google Play Store

It seems that recently, Google has been testing a subscription type feature for the Google Play Store that would give users “hundreds of premium apps and games” for a monthly fee. This idea has taken flight from some users that saw code references in Google Play.

This new subscription type design might be Google’s response to Apple Arcade, the only difference being a wider variety of both apps and games. The subscription will be $4.99 per month, and it would offer the users an ad-free experience and even the possibility for in-app purchases, according to the screenshots.

More Games, More Fun

This service has also been confirmed by Google and that it’s in the final stages of testing. “Puzzle games to premium music apps … [with] access to hundreds of premium apps and games,” are the things Google is promising but seems to be a lot more focus on games, some of them being Stardew Valley, Marvel Pinball, Risk and many more.

The launch for Apple’s Arcade will take place this fall, and the service seems to have developers from all over the industry, like LEGO, Annapurna Interactive, Cartoon Network, and Sega. Apple isn’t stopping on that and seems to want to develop exclusive titles, and that seems to miss from Google Play Pass.

Perhaps Google will launch this service, and with it, they will start gathering companies that would make their own exclusive titles just like Apple. The future of Mobile Gaming looks very promising even if we might have to pay a monthly subscription to get Google’s titles. The quality of the games will be top-notch, and perhaps the improvements will be seen across the board.

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