New Fortnite Update gives players what they Always Wanted in Battle Royale

The 10th season of Fortnite is finally here, and the new Battle Pass brings a greatly awaited feature to battle Royale. Some key additions to the game are the new B. R. U. T. E vehicle and the rift zones.

The new season also promises an evolving map, so the gameplay experience can vary greatly as days pass.

Data miners bring news

As usual with every new update, data miners are here to dig deep into the game files and reveal stuff that was not meant to see by players. Leaker FortTory revealed that Neo Tilted seems to be transformed slowly into a Wild West point of interest.

Rumours were running around that Fortnite was expected to receive a Wild West setting ever since the 5th season of the game.

Some datamined western buildings that are set to appear in Tilted were posted online. This change is expected to drop soon, maybe in the 2nd week of the 10th season, and a new Wild West themed loading screen will be added to the game.

Paradise Palms is also supposedly getting a huge transformation this season. Moisty Mire could also make a comeback and replace Paradise Palms.


The background of the Paradise Palms area now looks similar to the swamp that initially sat in the south eastern corner of the map.

Even Fortnite’s developers seem to back up these leaks: “Whether you’re nostalgic for the past or excited for the future, there will be plenty for you to discover all Season long.

They also said that the new B. R. U. T. E. vehicle seats two players and works best with a partner, so take your game buddy and board the battle bus!

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