Google Play Movies & TV 4.14.20 Rolled Out With Improvements And Bug Fixes

In recent years streaming services have started to become more popular as users are drawn by their advantages. Among we can count the ability to play your favorite content on-demand, pause and resume without problems and it without the need to sit through annoying commercials. Google Play Movies & TV is also an excellent option, and the latest Google Play Movies & TV 4.14.20 comes with improvements and bug fixes.

However, some problems have started to appear. The success of giant streaming services like Netflix and Hulu prompted some companies to retire their content from the platforms in an attempt to start standalone services and earn more money. Tracking down your favorite content is also more complicated when several shows or series are spread across several platforms.

Google Play Movies & TV is a great service which aims to improve your streaming experience by offering a large variety of features. Read below to learn more about it. When users open the app, they will have access to three tabs located near the bottom of the screen, namely the Home, Library, and Watchlist sections.

Google Play Movies & TV 4.14.20 Rolled Out With Improvements And Bug Fixes

Users can browse through the app to find their desired content and tap on a button to learn more about it. This feature will also showcase the services which stream the content. The system allows users to track down content even if it exclusive to a single platform. Tapping on exclusive content will open an app from the service which offers it(if it already installed on your device), allowing you to conveniently watch it without the need to search for it again.

Among the data offered by the app we can count the services which offer the content, if it can be streamed for free or a subscription is needed, the cost of the subscriptions plans and other details.

A remarkable search system will help users to sort contents by using a variety of filters: genre, decade mood, and much more. The service also offers the ability to rent and watch popular movies without hassle. The latest update, Google Play Movies & TV 4.14.20, comes with new performance improvements and bug fixes.

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