PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders Listed By Swedish Retailer At An Unbelievable Price

We suppose you might have already heard that Sony is working on the PlayStation 5. After all, the news caused a lot of excitement among fans, and there have been a good amount of discussions on the subject all over the internet. You might also know that Sony is planning to release the brand-new console during next year’s holiday season.

Although we heard many rumors and speculations about the PS5, we still don’t know so much about it. For example, we have no clue regarding its launch title, specific release date, and price. However, a Swedish retailer did not find this an issue and started taking pre-orders for the console.

Swedish retailer listed PlayStation 5 pre-orders at an unbelievable price

MediaMarkt recently listed Sony’s next-gen console at an unbelievable price. According to the retailer’s website, the pre-order costs roughly $1,050. We believe we can all agree this is an absurd price for a home video game console. It is true that Sony did not divulge the price of the PS5 yet, but it is estimated to be around $500.

However, if we view things from a different perspective, the pre-order price might not seem so crazy anymore. The estimations for the PS5 have been made without considering Trump’s tariffs for China.

We’ll find more about PlayStation 5 next year

Since Sony manufactures consoles in China, it is possible that the company will face higher taxes, being forced to raise the price for the PS5. Trump’s tariffs will go into effect on September 1. If they are still the norm when the PlayStation 5 gets released, the console might have a higher price than expected.

It seems that we will have to keep ur patience a little bit longer before we find out the actual price for Sony’s next-gen console. Some rumors say that Sony will host a PlayStation Experience event this winter, so we might find out then. Anyway, next year’s E3 convention will for sure answer all of our questions regarding the release date, price, and more regarding PlayStation 5.

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