Top Secure Alternatives to WhatsApp

We all want our privacy to be respected, especially when it comes to messages and private conversations. This is now an issue on social media and Facebook is just one particular case. Now that WhatsApp is owned by Zuckerberg the users don’t think that their data is safe.

But wait, we have some good news!

Here’s a top of alternatives that will make your messaging experience more secure:

On the first position, we have It’s a program available on Android, iOS or simply on the Web that you can use for messaging people, making conference calls, sending and receiving media. It has a lot of privacy features and the best part is that the app does not require to introduce your phone number.

Next on the list, we have Wire, available on Web and Android. Wire has a great reputation because it focuses on ecryption and it’s therefore, secure. The users have to introduce their number or email in order to log in, but their information is totally safe. Wire has also the function of a timed message.

KIK Messenger is also a great option for those who want their conversations to be private. It’s free and you can find it on iOS or Android. Despite the fact that is known as a perfect app for sexting and other similar things, it’s pretty secure, you need to add your user name and you’re good to go.

On the fourth place, we have LINE, an app that competes for sure with WhatsApp. Interesting fact, it comes from a Japanese developer. We want to introduce it in a few words: end-to-end encryption, a lot of fun stickers, the possibility of making conference calls. If we didn’t convince you already we need to add something, your data will be encrypted on the app’s server, but you can delete all the messages you want by setting a self-destruct timer.

The next one is Wickr Me, a free app available on Android. We heard that it’s an excellent option for people like journalist or politicians because they have a lot of important stuff that they want to keep for themselves. You will have to introduce your phone number if you want to use this app. What’s different from WhatsApp is that with Wickr Me your contacts will not remain stored on the app’s server.

We think that Telegram is the best alternative to WhatsApp and we’ll tell you why. The two of them have a lot of features in common such as voice messages, stickers, chat groups and the fact that you log in with your phone number. If that’s not enough, Telegram has a desktop app available on Windows, Mac and Linux and we are sure that it respects your privacy.

Kontalk is our next suggestion. It’s an app that you can use if you want to control the chat between you and your friends or anybody else. It’s available on the Google Play Store and F-Droid app store.

Antox/Antidote it’s, like all of the others, an app that will respect your privacy. You can use it if you want to chat with somebody in a secure way.

Next, we have Signal, which is similar to Telegram. It’s a decent alternative to WhatsApp and you can find it on Android, iPhone, Chrome and a few more options.

On 10 an 11, we got for you Threema and Kakao Talk. They are both some chat applications that are focused on users privacy. You can send messages and media, fun stickers and other stuff.

We hope that more people will start thinking about their privacy and see it as a priority. We believe that these alternatives to WhatsApp are efficient and fun to use.

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