Apple Revamps Controversial Siri Policy

It is likely that most iPhone users have interacted with Siri at least once. The popular virtual assistant was introduced with the release of the iconic iPhone 4S in October 2011 as a system app. An earlier version was offered on the Apple Store, and the company decided to acquire the app after users offered positive feedback.

Many of the recent devices which are sold by Apple offer the feature, including iPads, the iPod Touch, AirPods, Apple TV, and the Home Pod. The assistant can understand a large number of commands, and it can perform several useful tasks.

For example, it can schedule events and memos, change system settings, search the internet for a specific topic, and interact with other accessories and apps. A large controversy was sparked after a reliable source published a report which states that apple contracted third-party entities to listen to some Siri conversations.

Apple Revamps Controversial Siri Policy

An anonymous whistleblower stated that workers responsible for the task gain access to sensitive data, including confidential medical information, background discussions, and even sexual interactions between couples.

Apple has acknowledged that a small number of Siri recordings are forwarded to partners spread across the world. They are responsible for providing feedback about the app such as activation details (if the feature was activated directly by the user or by accident), the relevancy of the query and the answer which was offered.

The company has stated that the main purpose of this activity is to improve the performance of the app and its ability to provide useful information and option. The records which are sent for analysis are not linked to the Apple ID and cannot be traced back. Analyses and related procedures are conducted in secure facilities, and the partners have to sign strict confidentiality contracts. In the wake of negative feedback, Apple has decided to halt the practice and stated that the current protocols would be revamped. It is likely that more details will be shared in the following months.

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