Facebook Lite Update is Now Live with Faster Performances and Improved User Experience

If you enjoy the features and services that Facebook has to offer but don’t like that the social media app uses lots of hardware power and internal storage space, then you should be happy you know that there exists a perfect alternative. The alternative that we are talking about is called Facebook Lite and just as its name implies, it is a lightweight version of Facebook. However, you should not be fooled and think that Facebook Lite doesn’t give users access to the same plethora of features as the original app because that’s exactly what it does.

The awesome thing about Facebook Lite is that despite making it possible for users to access tens of useful features, its software has been heavily optimized and the app weighs in at less than 10MB, hence it’s a lightweight app. To top it all off, Facebook Lite still benefits from full fledged developer support and it’s updated on a daily basis.

Facebook Lite Update

We have some great news to share with Facebook Lite fans today! The lightweight version of Facebook has just received a new update which sports the version number. The new update is being rolled out via OTA (over the air) channels right now and it can also be manually downloaded in the form of APK (Android Package Kit).

Just like the app itself, the new update for Facebook Lite is a lightweight release and the developers are categorizing it as a “maintenance release”. This means that instead of introducing new features or visual changes to the user interface, the new update for Facebook Lite comes with a handful of bug fixes and under the hood software tweaks which are taking the overall performances and user experience that Facebook Lite offers to the next level.

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