WhatsApp And Instagram To Receive A Rebranding From Facebook

Calm yourself, and there are not going to be any goodbyes, we won’t lose Instagram or WhatsApp that easy. It’s only about a re-branding that it will hit us, like you will find out, in a Facebook-ish way.

In a world of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, well, just like you’ve imagined this, Facebook still carries its crown to the top. News about a re-branding maybe made you frowned a little bit, strangely, because let’s be serious, why so many re-re-brandings?! It’s like you begin to figure one by yourself already. Let’s be calm; however, it won’t be the end of anything, for sure.

The Facebook developers stated that they have some new plans about name changing for two of their most appreciated apps, out there. Yes, shout out for Instagram, round one, and our personal favorite, the mighty WhatsApp. Before starting to imagine a few changes by yourself, take into consideration these, too.

WhatsApp And Instagram To Receive A Rebranding From Facebook

For a better unveil of its ownership of these apps, Facebook will simply name them, ‘Instagram from Facebook’ and ‘WhatsApp from Facebook.’ Frowns, frowns again, eyebrows arched and eyes were rolling hard in the head. Yes, we feel you. As simple as it seems, Facebook knows its game, apparently, better.

The company officials simply declared that they only want a single thing, to be more explicit about their apps and other services and features, as well, that they owned. On the other hand, speculations about how they were led to an antitrust area, being scrutinized, are strongly true.

The new names, however, will remain the same on our devices, they will only appear changed for the new users. It’s still unclear, though, why they plan something like that. Some said that this could be a government mandate from the one and only, FTC. Anyway, further explanations will be soon revealed by Facebook.

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