WhatsApp Messenger 2.19.216 Update Download Available – New File Transfer and International Calls

Finding a person that has not heard of Whatsapp Messenger by now is quite difficult but if you are that person then you’re in luck. In this article, I am going to list the benefits of using Whatsapp as your daily communication app.

Whatsapp is probably the most popular online messenger in the world. It is a versatile service that is free to use. It requires an internet connection to function and the best thing about it is that you can make international calls with no effort whatsoever.

Reasons to use Whatsapp

No hidden fees. The messenger app is absolutely free to use but requires a WiFi or a mobile internet connection to work. Free to download, free to use.

File transfer. If you have it on your phone, then you can most definitely send it to someone else. Photos, videos, and documents are the most popular files to send.

International calls. These calls are free as well with Whatsapp. People over 30 remember the good old days when it cost you a small fortune to make an international call.

Group chats. If you have a small or large gang of friends you can open a group chat where everybody can talk to everybody via online texts. You can create a grand mess that all your friends can take part in.

Simple to use. There are no logins or usernames with Whatsapp, if you have a contacts list, those numbers will automatically be available to chat within the app. If someone in your list does not have the app, you can send them an invite to download it.

Offline messages. Like with other messengers, you don’t have to be online to get your messages. If you want to turn off your internet, you can do so and have your messages pop up in a notification when the connection is switched in.

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