Google Earth Pro Available to Download and Install

Google is known for a lot of services and products, among which we can count Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, the Android OS, and much more.

One of the lesser-known services offered by the company is Google Earth Pro, which allows users to explore the world and track certain changes in the environment from the comfort of their home. It is accessible from a large variety of devices, including PCs, smartphones, and the Google Chrome browser.

Most users may have interacted with the standard version of the program which has been available for free for a very long time. By harnessing the power of data streaming, users can view high-resolution maps and content without the need to fill their devices with additional files. It can be quite handy during a visit to the forest or various trips, and those who have scientific inclinations can use it to observe how an ecosystem changed.

A Pro version has been available for a while, and it offers extra features. To improve the experience for all users, Google decided to make the Pro version free, allowing anyone to access it without problems. Read below to learn how to install Google Earth Pro on your PC.


The installer for the program is available for free on the official website. It can be found on other pages, but it is advised to select a reliable source as malevolent third-party entities can alter the installer and add malicious code.


Go to your Downloads folder (or preferred Downloads location) and find the installer. Double-click on it to start the installation process and wait until the task is completed. It may take a while, depending on the speed of your internet connection.


The activation process is short and easy. Enter your email address in the Username field and GETFREE in the License Key field.  Be sure to check the Enable automatic login option and click on the Log In button.


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