Google Play Store Available to Download and Install on Windows PCs

The platform is only available for phone devices which run on Android, but some believe that there is a possibility to work for a Windows PC, too.

The app that offers you everything you need for your Android device, could make quite the impression on a PC, too. Let’s find out which are the steps in order to get exactly what we want for an Android device, but on a Windows platform!

Try to download Google Play Store on a PC

There is a very useful tool that will allow you to install Google Play Store, called Bluestacks, also this is called, an Android emulator. So, let’s take it step by step:

  • You can find Bluestacks easily by search it on Google;
  • After the download it’s ready, open a file which appears with the .exe title at the end, and install it;
  • Next, you will have to open Bluestacks, and you will have to pay attention to the onscreen details and instructions in order to access your Google Play account;
  • Go to My Apps, then find System Apps, here is where you will find Google Play located;
  • Access Google Play and then you will see how easily it is to have the same experience like on your Android device;
  • After downloading some apps, Bluestacks helps you open them on your PC.

Creating the same Android experience, Bluestacks allows you to use Google Play apps and any game on your PC. However, if you decide that you want to move the apps that you downloaded on an Android device, you will have to move the APK files into your smartphone.

How to download any app from Google Play Store on your PC

  • Use any browser to open Google Play;
  • Identify the app that you want. You’ll be introduced to some details;
  • Identify the URL and copy it;
  • Find an APK which can download anything Google Play Store related, like ApkPure, and paste your found URL in the search bar that the program provides, and search for it;
  • A page that it will show you that something is downloading, will appear and it will be opened. Choose Download APK to receive an APK file of that app right to your PC.

If you feel kind of an unlucky person, try the following way around and get the best experience:

  • Find the best APK extension for your browser and add it up;
  • After its installation, you can easily identify it in the top right corner;
  • Open your Google Play Store on your PC and find your favorite app that you want to download. Copy its URL;
  • Access the browser’s extension and paste the URL in the designed area for downloads. You will get soon your download ready.

Remember that these three ways of getting yourself a Google Play Store experience for your PC, will work only on Windows.

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