Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Could Boast Qualcomm Or AMD Chipset, Not Intel

All Microsoft’s Surface computers are powered by Intel chipsets, coming with a steady performance with the 7th and 8th generation CPUs. However, this might see a change starting with Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

Rumors are claiming that the tech giant might decide to go with an AMD or even Qualcomm Snapdragon processor in the upcoming laptop series imply that Microsoft could offer pretty different hardware options in its new Surface netbook. Moreover, the laptops could be released with 5G support.

The previous generations of the Surface Pro, except for the Surface Pro 6, have been the most connected variants, featuring LTE cellular data connections, being released a few months after the main model in the lineup.

These models usually came with a higher price tag, which made them a premium feature. Let’s see all we know about the chipset that Microsoft Surface Pro 7 might sport.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Could Boast Qualcomm Or AMD Chipset, Not Intel

If Microsoft were to decide on partnering with Qualcomm for a new Microsoft Surface Pro 7 laptop, as per Petri, it would most probably include one of its top-range Snapdragon SoCs. The processor would provide LTE Advanced or 5G connectivity to the devices.

Buyers may be offered similar features with a Snapdragon processor as they had with an Intel chip. Microsoft could choose to use the Snapdragon 8cx chipset, which is highly capable of equaling Intel’s Core i5 CPUs in general computing and gaming. It also has an important advantage when it comes to battery life.

Whether Microsoft will opt for AMD rather than for Qualcomm or Intel, the additional connectivity of the Snapdragon processors would probably fall on the side, but we could see some more competent graphics in the upcoming Surface Pro 7.

AMD’s Zen+ APUs with Vega graphics are seemingly more competent than Intel’s comparable HD graphics, and they will most probably surpass Snapdragon 8cx as well. Microsoft has not made an official announcement regarding the way it intends to go on with Microsoft Surface Pro 7, but if it decides to take a new route, it will stir up one of its most important hardware series.

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