PlayStation 4 7.00 Beta Firmware Update Brings New Features And Performance Improvements

PlayStation 4 7.00 Beta is the next significant firmware update being released for the popular console. Sony has already announced that they will send out invites for its latest beta update. Users who want to get the newest PS4 features and optimizations before all the others should check their inbox.

Sony is renown for its continuous firmware updates, but the tech giant’s promises of enhanced system performance and software reliability coming with the 7.00 beta update seems to tag along with something a bit more exciting for PSN users. Once the update arrives, you will be able to host and join teams of up to 16 players.

The upcoming update is also coming with improvements on the video chat quality, as per previous reports.¬†Besides the new feature, Sony’s report reads that performance for system updates is also being enhanced. This means that the PS4 will not always have to restart after it installs an update.

PlayStation 4 7.00 Beta Firmware Update Brings New Features And Performance Improvements

If you have already checked your inbox but didn’t find any invitation, there are other ways to get it. Each voucher code for the beta update has 20 uses, which mean that you can redeem it personally before sharing it with other 19 people. This makes a lot of sense as Sony is clearly eager to receive feedback on its more extensive, 16 player parties.

Sony is frequently releasing new beta tests firmware updates that come with significant and unique features. If you want to try it out, there is a beta sign-up page that will inform you when future trials are occurring.

Some recent features of the new PlayStation 4 7.00 Beta firmware update include the highly expected arrival of PSN name changes, as well as customized menus. Besides, the latest beta update also comes with an HDR optimization option which enables you to indicate how dark the display can get.

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