iPhone 11 – Everything We Know About Apple’s Upcoming Phone

Apple has made a tradition out of releasing a new iPhone model yearly. As it happens each year, fans are incredibly excited to find out every little detail about the upcoming model. The next iPhone 11 models will be revealed in September when fans will have the chance to get their hand on the brand-new handset. There is only a month left before the official launch, and rumors and leaks have flooded the online world.

However, rumors are not very satisfactory. It seems that the new iPhone models will be similar to last year’s lineup. Of course, there will be differences, but nothing revolutionary, so don’t be disappointed if what you are going to read next will not be up to your expectations. Now that we got that out of the way let’s dive in and discuss the rumors.

iPhone 11 – Everything We Know About Apple’s Upcoming Phone

Three new iPhone 11 models

Apple is releasing three new smartphones in 2019, each of them falling in different price categories. As we already know, the giant marketed the iPhone XR as a budget phone, but we all know this is far from the truth. So don’t expect this year’s models to be anywhere near affordable for everyone.


Here are the most recent renders of 2019’s iPhone model:


The new Apple devices are most likely to be named iPhone 11, iPhone 11R, and iPhone 11 Max.


Some believe that the higher-priced version of this year’s iPhone will sport a triple camera arrangement. With the flash, the setup will be placed in a protruding square on the backside of the iPhone 11 models.

Improved Processor

Although it has not been confirmed yet, everyone is sure that the new iPhones will feature a faster processor.


While the budget iPhone 11 model will have a LED display, the other two models will most likely feature an all-OLED display.

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