Microsoft Edge to Feature 3D DOM Viewer For Devs

As of now, because of its migration to Chromium, Microsoft has the opportunity to experiment with many features that could eventually make their way to the final product of the Microsoft Edge browser.

We are here to talk about one modern feature that was added to the Microsoft Edge browser. It is called the 3D DOM Viewer, and it comes with devs and with an alternative method of using the DOM hierarchy in the browser. Microsoft said that it had got its idea from Mozilla’s own Tilt extension. The company describes it to be as impressive when it comes to the latest Edge features.

The prototype for Dom 3D View is based on Tilt, and it’s their brand new way to visualize the DOM hierarchy. So instead of reading and an XML tree, like you would usually do in the Elements tool, you can actually see a graphical representation of the elements nesting. A Microsoft Edge engineer explained this.

Microsoft Edge to Feature 3D DOM Viewer For Devs

The DOM 3D viewer is supposed to help beginners who want to get to know the world of web development, so the Microsoft engineer says that this experiment comes with a series of limitations.

It isolates, and element, and you can see its parent-children relationships. You can click on a particular feature and focus on its source code from the Elements panel. You can also find areas of heavy nesting by making the most out of the heatmap color option. You can find off-screen elements.

You can use the mouse to zoom and pan to change the view perspective. And, of course, you can use the arrow keys to rotate the camera. When you enable the 3D DOM Viewer in Microsoft Edge, it should not take you a lot of time. You only need to activate a dedicated flag that is part of the latest builds from the Chromium Microsoft Edge Dev.

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