Microsoft Filed A Patent On A Future, New Surface Pen

Microsoft has kept the details regarding its soon-to-arrive Surface devices to itself. However, a new patent the tech giant has recently filled implies the Surface laptops could feature a unique and impressive Surface Pen.

The recently-filled patent was discovered by Windows Latest, and it was titled as ‘Stylus Capsule.’ The patent describes a Surface Pen coming in a cylindrical casing that has a removable capsule. The plastic capsules would have several antennas and come with a tapered end for the nib. Users can already substitute the tip on the current Surface Pen, but the new patented stylus would allow you to remove all of the electronics that are incorporated within the capsule.

The advantage is that clients could reuse the capsule on other stylus casings with no need to acquire an entirely new stylus. For instance, you could finish drawing a picture on a Surface Pro laptop using a paintbrush stylus, and then you just remove the capsule and place it into a pencil casing when you want to write.

Microsoft Filed A Patent On A Future, New Surface Pen

Microsoft has also detailed the way on how the design could enhance dependability and cut the costs on its end. The patent reads that the cost of production and transportation of the module capsule are low because the stylus casing and other elements of the item are not coming with the capsule.

The assembly process for putting together the capsule inside a stylus casing is also incredibly simple, which offers users enhanced quality and reduced prices, the patent added.

It is probably not possible that we will get the stylus sometime this year when Microsoft is scheduled to reveal its upcoming Surface devices. More so considering that the patent was only filled earlier this month. However, a modular stylus, such as the patented Surface Pen, that could probably sell at a lower cost than the current pen is definitely something the Surface users could get excited about.

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