Google Pixel 4 Leaked Images Showcase The Upcoming Flagship Smartphone

The Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are some of the most anticipated devices of the year, and many are looking forward to the release of the smartphones. There were several leaks and recent months, and the internet is filled with rumors about them.

Google showcased some of the features which will be offered by the Pixel 4, among which we count Soli, Motion Sense and advanced face recognition features. The display was visible for a few seconds during the presentation, and a short teaser video gave a glimpse at the bezels and the sides of the panel.

A highly-reliable source released two images of the Google Pixel 4. They were taken on an airplane the resolution wasn’t spectacular, but they offer a large amount of insight into the device.

Recently leaked images showcase the upcoming Google Pixel 4 smartphone

In the images, we can see a smartphone with one of the thinnest top bezels and a single front camera. The credibility of the look is improved by the fact that the position of the lens is in accordance with the images shared by Google. Interestingly, the speaker grill is quite minimalistic and hard to observe.

Besides the two cutouts, there are obvious signs which would point towards the existence of other sensors. Many were surprised by the fact that the upper bezels are incredibly thin, and the bottom and side ones share the same trend. However, the angle at which the photo is taken may favor the superior section of the device.

The design of the Google Pixel 4 looks considerably better than the one of Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL. It’s a great feat of engineering as the company managed to cram the face recognition sensor and a Soli radar chip in a stylish manner. On the edge of the device, we can see a white rear and an orange power button. The former detail is quite surprising since Pixel devices tended to share the same color theme.

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