How to back up your Contacts on iPhone

back up contact on iphone

Backing up contacts is essential to prevent the loss of valuable contacts. Various methods can be used to back up contacts on iPhone.

We will be looking at some conventional methods of backing up contacts on iPhone

Solution 1: Backing up Contact using iCloud

  • Launch your iPhone’s settings
  • Tap on your Apple’s ID. Your ID is displayed at the top of the settings page.
  • Tap on ”iCloud.’
  • You will be directed to the page ”APPS USING ICLOUD.’
  • Slide on the ”Contacts’ button to toggle it on
  • You may be prompted to merge existing contacts on your iPhone storage with contacts stored in the cloud
  • Tap on ”Merges’ to merge both categories of Contact. iPhone contacts will automatically sync with iCloud storage.

Solution 2: Use iTunes

  • Connect your iPhone with your PC and launch the iTunes app from your PC. You can download and install iTunes on your PC from
  • Click on your phone icon at the top-center of your iTunes window. If you’re connecting your iPhone to your PC for the first time, tap ‘Trust’ on your iPhone screen to grant your PC access.
  • You will be directed to the summary section, click on ”Back Up Now.’
  • iTunes will automatically backup your phone including your contacts to your PC.
  • Wait for iTunes for the backup process to end.

Solution 3: Backup your Contact using CopyTrans Contact

  • Download and install the Copytrans Contact app on your PC
  • Connect your iPhone to your PC
  • Launch the Copytrans Contact app on your PC
  • Wait for the app to detect and list all of your contacts
  • Check or tick the contacts you wish to backup using Copytrans Contact. You can back up all of your contacts by pressing Ctrl+A on your keyboard.
  • Click on ”Export selected.’
  • You will be directed to a new window with the title ”Please choose one of the following options’
  • Select ”Save your address book’ from the list of options given.
  • Choose a location to store your phone book

Solution 4: Backup your Phone contact to Gmail or Google Drive

  • Launch your iPhone’s settings
  • Select ‘Passwords & Accounts
  • Tap on Add Account
  • Select the ‘Google’ option
  • Enter your G-account details
  • In the Gmail settings, toggle on the contacts button
  • Select ”Save’ at the top-right of the Gmail page to sync your contacts.

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