Chrome OS 76 Comes With Many New Features And Disabled Adobe Flash Player

Chrome OS 76 is the latest version of Google’s operating system and is now available on all supported platforms, including Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux. The most talked-about feature from the new version is its relationship with Adobe Flash Player, as it has been disabled as default.

New Chrome OS 76 Features

Joint sign-in

Chrome and Android applications were considered separate due to the difference in code. But there will be a new Accounts section in Google that will merge these two services so you won’t have to sign-in more than once.

Media Controls

Some media players like Soundcloud offer this feature. Chrome OS will provide music controls in a notification. The album cover art will be used as a background for the notification. The source of the music will be displayed in the corner, and the artist/track name will be available as well.

Camera Redesign

The changes include repositioning of the various buttons like the shutter, the mode switcher, and the gallery. The controls will pop out from one side to display the settings, like the grid view and the timer.

Tab Overlay

When hovering over an open tab, a long bar shows up that has the page name on it. This will be replaced by a rectangle overlay that is less congested and easier on the eyes. The overlay has the website name and URL.

Incognito Mode

The private mode is excellent if you don’t want to be tracked. This means that you can’t be approached to subscribe to a newsletter or something. This is because you have been made an online ghost due to your signature being masked.

Websites don’t like that because they rely on subscriptions to existing. So, in many cases, you might not be allowed to view any content, or you could view partial content. Chrome OS 76 has a feature that might allow you not to be detected as Incognito most of the time.

Dark Mode

User preferences will be vital for activating Dark Mode. Websites are now being allowed to display dark more in version 76. The mode is already available for Windows and macOS, with the dark address bar, tabs, settings page, and bookmarks page.

Installing a plugin that enables dark mode on top of that will mean that your eyes will never see a white page again.

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